We have another fabulous learner who was nominated for a STAR award in March for the incredible progress made on her portfolio.
Hazel has been working with one of our tutors, Caroline Knight, and deserves this award, Caroline explains…..
I have worked with Hazel through her Business & Administration level 3 and now she is undertaking her level 4 in Business & Administration. She demonstrates commitment and drive in completing her work throughout both apprenticeships. Hazel is developing new ideas and researching skills to increase her knowledge and skills for her role. She has just gained a new position within the hospital, increase to a band higher, in a senior role. Through her determination to develop, this has increased her confidence and ability to apply for senior roles.
It’s always a pleasure to undertake training and assessments with Hazel!”
Congratulations to Hazel from all of the team!!
Meet one of our amazing learners.
In December Holly Brassington won our award for Commitment to Learning and Progress Made.
Holly worked incredibly hard with her tutor Linda Murray to win this STAR award.
Linda nominated Holly saying
I have been working with Holly for several months now, and she has made phenomenal progress with her learning journey.  Holly has enrolled on the Leadership and Management Level 5 programme, which is incredibly challenging.
She is now researching, acknowledging her sources, and has really worked incredibly hard to link her vocational knowledge and skills into a formal management qualification.  Her writing style has developed in tone, content and structure, and it is still her authentic voice.  She is never afraid to ask for support, advice and encouragement, to maintain her motivation, and she is in contact almost weekly as she adds to her evidence and makes sure her portfolio grows steadily so that she can achieve on time.
I’m delighted to be part of Holly’s academic journey, and so happy to guide and encourage her towards her qualfication
Well Done Holly!!

Testimonials & Good News

I needed Qdos to help me to search for the perfect apprenticeship which will be challenging enough for me to prove to myself that i chose the right career path. Usually when you sign up with an agency they help sign you up for a job and the rest is upto you. i’m a person who hates interviews only because i am terrible at them. This was something needed to overcome as i was getting good job offers however when it came to the interview it all went horribly wrong. Qdos were very kind enough they helped me prepare for my interview and made sure i was 100% ready for my interview. This is what helped me gain my confidence back as i realised with a little help i can make my interviews a great success.


I lacked confidence in learning in particular functional skills which I had to do as part of the NVQ. My trainer was very patient with me and assessed what areas I needed to brush up on before entering me for any exams. My trainer explained things in a way that I understood them and encouraged me to try and at least attempt learning. She set me tasks to do before the next meeting and would then go over any problems I had in detail. I feel a great sense of achievement if not disbelief that I have actually passed these exams.

Functional Skills

I have moved organisations and job roles since I began my apprenticeship. I am now working at Qdos Training and feel whole-heartedly better for enrolling on to the course. My knowledge, understanding and concept of management has completely changed and I feel going forward my chances of success are now much greater than before.

Management L3

Taking this course has made me more confident speaking to different people. I am happier and more confident knowing i am doing something I’ve always wanted to do.

Beauty Therapy Level 2

I am working in a salon doing hairdressing, so I’m hoping to complete my diploma so that I can start doing beauty treatments. The course has enabled me to apply for different jobs in the beauty industry, it has also gave me more confidence.

Beauty Therapy Level 2

Thoroughly enjoyed the training, Michael was very supportive and encouraging. Taking into account i am not too good at concentraing, he was ACE!

IT Functional Skills

This was my second time in Michaels class and as before it’s been great. I have improved my ICT skills since entry level 3 and have enjoyed my time thoroughly.

IT Functional Skills

Michael, the tutor, helped me when i was really struggling. Easy to learn from as he spends time with each student.

IT Functional Skills

Thanks to everyone at Qdos for getting me a position at Mattioli Woods one of the best companies to work for in Leicester.I felt more than any other company Qdos have helped especially in regards to interviews and projecting confidence at them, something I’ve traditionally struggled with.This, I feel more than anything helped me secure the position.Special thanks to Travaz Bhatti for the one to one talks and general help.

Digital Employability

In June 2016, I attended the first OCR Digital Employability four-day course delivered by Dharmesh Rajput of Qdos Training Ltd.  Amongst the topics studied were Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and the relevance of social media to the modern-day, digital environment.

Dharmesh was courteous, supportive and patient, with a real enthusiasm for his subject, and I have no hesitation in recommending his services as an I.T. Trainer.

Digital Employability

Speaking as an avid and stubborn technophobe, when I started my basic ICT course with QDOS Training Ltd I had very limited experience and aptitude with modern ICT methods, times have changed so much since using hard/software that the whole culture was virtually alien to me. Job searching for instance is now almost exclusively done online, gone are the days of paper-based ads etc. So, as fearful and apprehensive as I was I embarked on the course. Due to the patience of the trainers and simple no nonsense training methods QDOS employ, my fears and apprehensions were swiftly quashed as I settled into a relaxed yet confidence inspiring programme and what I initially saw as an impossibility, quickly became a fun and valuable experience.

As the course progressed, I gained the required confidence and ability to effectively search for jobs and promote my skills using modern mediums. Subsequently I have an opportunity for a permanent and rewarding sales job on the Algarve. At 36 years old I see this as a final opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience. As well as giving me professional independence the, training has opened a whole new world for me and I have the skill, patience and resources of QDOS to thank, and would recommend QDOS to anybody of any entry ability. I would like to extend my gratitude to QDOS and will be thinking of you when I’m in the sun!

Digital Employability